Community Support Groups

Often in difficult times, it’s helpful to talk to someone who has gone through similar experiences or to someone who is trained and has experience in helping people in your situation.

Support groups are a great way to learn about grief and how to cope with loss, stress, and all of the other emotional difficulties that are part of the journey through grief. We offer two different support groups in both Spanish and English.

Care Giver Training and Support

Care giving can be difficult and emotionally challenging. Speaking with other caregivers can provide insight and give you tools to deal with caring for a loved one. If you are a spouse, a child taking care of a parent, or a caregiver in a professional capacity, this support group is for you and encourages open discussions on their experiences.

Meet time – Every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm & Friday 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location – 217 N 10th St., Santa Paula

Now providing Care Giver training & support groups in Fillmore every Monday by appointment
Location – 642 Lemon Way, Fillmore

Bilingual – Spanish & English

Grief Support

Losing a loved one is not easy. Community support is often a way to help you through the grieving process. Speaking with others and lifting each other up helps heal and aids in making sense of it all. This support group provides bereavement counseling by a nurse practitioner.

Meet Time – every Wednesday 10am – 11am
Location – 217 N 10th St., Santa Paula
Bilingual – Spanish and English

Meet Time – every Friday 12pm – 1pm
Location – 217 N 10th St., Santa Paula
Bilingual – Spanish and English

We also offer online video counseling for grief and bereavement. Call 805-525-1333 to schedule online counseling.

Grief Follows No Standard Path or Time Frame.

There is no right way to experience grief. Often, emotions will ebb and flow. Grief can affect you physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It can leave you with questions such as How long does grief last? Will I always feel this way? Why can’t I sleep? Why don’t I have any energy?

Our team at Santa Clara Valley Hospice helps adults learn to process feelings and find ways to move forward in a positive direction and carry on without your loved one. Grief support is provided by facilitators who listen to how grief is affecting you, help you identify the right support, and help you find meaning in your loss.