Dear Friends of the Santa Clara Valley:

We at Santa Clara Valley Hospice, The Home Support Group, Inc. our staff and Board of Directors, would like to take a moment to express our gratitude and well wishes to our communities in the Santa Clara Valley.

We hope that you all, your families, and your communities are safe and well through the safer at home order. We know that this situation is challenging and unprecedented in our lifetimes. For many of us, our work and our lives have been unexpectedly altered and may come as a struggle to adjust to our new online platforms. Effectively, It is hard to stay focused when you are worried about your families, friends, and yourselves being exposed to COVID19. None of us anticipated that we would start Spring this way. However, Hospice will continue to provide services to the community as we face these uncertain times together.

We miss your energy and dynamism that fill Hospice. To all our donors, sponsors, and volunteers, thank you for making “giving back to our community” possible.

Please take care of yourselves, your families, your communities, do your best to stay safe within the limits that are imposed by your work and living conditions. As always, we are hugely gratified to see the amazing successes of our community and the dedication it has for you our community our families.

All the best wishes,

Susana Willeford, M.A., (C.Phil.)
Chief Executive Director